Pink Bedroom

Karina Wiciak is known for creating some of the best interior and exterior designs. This designer from Wamhouse has created one of most adorable designs by creating a perfect combination of pink and white color. The theme is based on pink pastel which reflects femininity since the designer has combined pink and white colors.


The first project of Pastel collection is related to bedroom and has been designed from scratch by Karina. The pastel collection comprises of four theme based interior designs which are based on different pastel colors. The furniture and other accessories have also been connected in a perfect manner to these themed bedrooms.


The designs of these bedrooms are based completely on the fantasy and ideas of the author. The first bedroom has been designed using pink color in abundance and is perfect for small girls. The author has also kept the current trends in mind while designing these rooms.

Bedroom for a girl

This hot pink and cool gray combination creates a vibrant but balanced scheme that despite its shocking slashes of color does not appear overpowering. Another unavoidable architectural bulk is knocked back with the addition of a bespoke shaped platform bed.


The attention grabbing storage shelves flank every available space, keeping teenage clutter off the floor and schoolbooks at hand when studying.


The neutrally hued walls are given character with the addition of a typographical theme, which is both fun and stylish, and cleverly draws the eye away from what could have appeared as an unsightly bulkhead.


Girly room

Teenagers are hard to please, mostly girls, but this gallery of goodies is bound to put a smile on their face; gorgeous spaces for girls, and cool lad pads full of fresh ideas and new colorways.


This teenage girls room is filled with feminine patterns, in the fabric of the prettily covered office chair and the delicate wallpaper that backs the work zone and sleeping area. Flourishes of apple green offset the sweet candyfloss shades elsewhere in the decor.

Bedroom for two

This bedroom is for teens who are forced to share a bedroom, or maybe a perfect room for sleepovers. The beds make it comfortable for anyone to spend the night and the desk next to the bed is the perfect area for studying .


Cozy and chill the bedroom is decorated with extremely unique and profound taste.In shared rooms, bunk beds aren’t always the answer. Separating these beds allows each to have its own storage unit.


The area rug not only provides the color palette for the room, but it also provides a natural diving line. Each bed features linens and accent pillows in colors inspired by the rug.


Cozy bedroom

This bedroom strives to bring the creative flow to the surface.It has a beige bed that looks more like a couch with lots of soft pillows. This bed has the advantage that during the day can be used as a couch and during the night you can use it as a bed.


The study space from here is next to he window so that you can have more natural light during the day. It’s a small desck with modern shelves that look like a pair of stairs and with a classic shelf above the computer.


The room is very cozy but in a modern style. It’s not very large but provides an personal space. What gives color to this room is the carpet that has multiple colors.This room has even a place for gymnastics and a lot of art.


The wardrobe has an artistic draught that looks like it was sketched with the pencil.The cozy chairs in  square shape that are next to the table give a symmmetric look. Another cozy chair is the one from the desck that provides comfort and relaxation while the teenager makes his homeworks or is playing on the computer.

Funky room for a teenager

A teenager’s room should be more than a place they can retreat when they don’t want to talk to their parents. It should be a reflection of their personality and a space where they can feel comfortable, safe, and inspired.


The rooms in this post are particularly creative in their use of color and other design elements, ultimately creating vibrant spaces where even the most finicky and fickle teenagers would love to hole up. While not all the spaces are bedrooms, they would all be ideal rooms for teens to call their own.


The bedroom uses contrasting colors to bring an exciting energy to the bedroom. The black and yellow contrast is immediately eye popping and mood elevating.


The study area and sofa make this an ideal office for a creative teen, giving plenty of space to relax but also space to focus.