Coastal House on Bluff Designed to Blend into Landscape


Casa Till by WMR Arquitectos is located on the Chilean coast and was designed to blend into the landscape so that from a distance it would not be visible. The amalgamating into the landscape was important to the clients and it was at the forefront of the brief the architects received.

Casa Till is the only house for miles and the clients did not want their home to be a scar on the landscape, preferring instead that it would be invisible from the road.


The architects accomplished this by designing the home to be only one storey above ground with the rest of the home built into the landscape and hidden from view.


The roof of Casa Till is level with a small hill in front of it and a path leads from the hill directly onto the roof making the home appear to be part of the landscape.Even from the bluff the home is barely visible with only the reflections of the glazings giving its location away.


Casa Till is an eco friendly home with a small carbon footprint thanks to the architect’s use of local Pine wood within its construction and the incorporation of solar panels within its rooftop deck.



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