House Perched on Central Column Overlooks Ocean on 3 Sides


The Pole House is an iconic holiday house in Fairhaven, Australia that was originally designed and built in the 1970s by Frank Dixon and has recently gone through a redesign by Franco Fiorentini of F2 Architecture.


Already a stunning example of architecture as sculpture, the upgrades have taken the interior spaces to a whole new level of luxury.

The slope the home sits on is steep and falls quickly away from entrance walkway. This sudden drop of the landscape gives the home the appearance of being suspended in mid air, especially from the wrap around terrace.
While not directly on the waterfront, the position of the home is such that the highway below is not visible from inside.


While not the only home on the slope, it is the last in line, which means the home has complete privacy on one side.
The home is positioned diagonally to the entry ramp, and the two sides exposed to the ramp are kept closed and private, while the two sides overlooking the ocean are covered in glazings.


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