Le Grandiose


On the northern bank of the Seine River in Paris’ seventeenth district of Batignolles-Monceau awaits a luxury suite dubbed Le Grandiose.

This is a spacious apartment supplied with all modern amenities and located near Paris’ most famous landmarks. Guests of Le Grandiose are always left impressed by the sheer scope of grandeur and splendor found in their accommodations and in the magnificent city that surrounds them.


Le Grandiose welcomes guests in groups of up to ten and has additionally been made to accommodate children. A housekeeping service will keep the apartment tidy and a direct twenty-four hour a day support line available through either phone, SMS or email connects to the property management who is there to resolve any concern.

The apartment has Wi-Fi throughout and has been upgraded with the latest in technology, not to mention a complimentary iPhone which is made available for guests for the duration of their stay, equipped with a local phone number, unlimited local calling, long-distance calls to North America and unlimited data.


The apartment has been decorated in a most sumptuous mode derived from a deliberate fusion of French and Chinese styles. The sitting room is simply exquisite with a contemporary color scheme and plentiful objets d’art, furnished with plush sofas in front of a large flat-screen TV.

The kitchen is large and airy with glossy vermilion colored cabinets that entice the eye and has all the latest in kitchen necessities. A spacious dining room provides the perfect opportunity for hosting and socializing with large windows that reveal the gorgeous style of Paris.


Le Grandiose is literally around the corner from Rue de Courcelles where trendy boutiques sell only high-end French fashions such as Sandro and Comptoir des Cotonniers. Parc Monceau is a leisurely stroll away where guests can enjoy a breath of fresh air in a green space.



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