Masia Pairal


Step inside Masia Pairal and feel total calmness take over. Quietude is only interrupted by the abounding nature and tranquil waterfall on the home’s lawn.

A large yet cozy classic Catalan manor, of over 250 years old, 10 bedrooms comfortably accommodates up to 23 people, making this villa an ideal rental to share with your extended family or friends.

Drive up to the property and see that the lush green grass is lined with majestic trees. Lounge chairs and a relaxing daybed surround the sun-drenched pool. Alfresco dining with charming lanterns and pillowy seats provide the ideal gathering spot for sharing relaxing meals.


Inside, the unique decor is a mixture of classic Spanish and touches of modernity. Cream white couches with cozy throws and hand-crafted heavy oak wood coffee tables epitomize the homes effortless elegance.

Bleach white walls separated by classic french doors which give way to the home’s expansive backyard promise brightness from dusk until dawn.



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