Ultimate Ultramodern Seaside Getaway Villa With Restaurant


Located at the ocean’s edge near Phuket, Thailand, Iniala is a top-shelf luxury resort featuring three distinct private villas and a penthouse, as well as a number of amenities shared between all its guests.

The owners of the property enlisted the help of several well-known architecture and design firms to create their masterpiece property, and Spain’s A-cero was chief among them.


The company exercised creative control over one of the resort’s three villas, designed one room of another, and created a fantastic restaurant in the main building of the hotel.


A-cero’s designs focus on connecting futuristic materials and construction techniques with the influences of nature, as well as establishing parallels with traditional Thai design and architecture.


Inside the main villa, glossy white surfaces are interlaced with local wood varieties with shapes suggesting the sea’s waves.


In the restaurant, warm lighting and carpeted surfaces help give a welcoming atmosphere to a compellingly modern space.


The largest project in the resort overseen by A-cero is this luxurious villa, one of three different private dwellings which are part of the hotel property.

This is undoubtedly the most modern of the three, with unconventional architectural themes based on the sea’s waves and an overall design principle of flowing surfaces.

The villa contains three suites (two of which use A-cero’s designs and furnishings), a living room, and a dining room.

The two beachfront bedrooms are named the “Seashell Suites” for their architecture, which wraps around two edges in a curving facade reminiscent of the smooth exterior of a shell.


Each of these suites features a glass window wall facing the sea, protected from the view of others by the shell around the dwelling, and angular, unique French doors.


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