White Rabbit, Moscow


Perhaps the most whimsical restaurant in all of Moscow, White Rabbit serves a tasting menu inspired by the chef’s travels, which look equally like something out of Alice in Wonderland: think glass test tubes full of flavored liquid on ice, and sorbet served on an artful wooden basket. Located under a paneled glass dome, the restaurant offers sun-streaked views of the Kremlin.


White Rabbit traditionally gives the best view of the summer city from our open veranda.
Picturesque backyards of old Moscow districts, majestic skyscrapers of the Stalin-era, futuristic skyscrapers of Moscow-City, a blue ribbon of the river – this is only a small part of what one can see from the height of the 16thfloor of the Smolensky Passage.

Summer menu greets guests with ripe strawberries, fragrant morels, young asparagus and other seasonal delights. On a hot day you can cool off with cold cassata with fresh berries or have a salad with strawberries, smoked duck breast, radishes and parmesan sauce.

In the evening you can taste tender duck breast with soaked plum or original salad with duck tongues , pink tomatoes and quinoa. And then – have a glass of wine or taste some fresh summer cocktails. Spend some time counting stars, while skyscrapers and buildings are slowly fading away in dusk.


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